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Current trends in the field of international information security

On September 19, 2023, BISR analysts took part online in the round table "Prospects for the formation of an international legal regime for regulating the use of ICT" organized by the National Association for International Information Security within the framework of the XVII International Forum "Partnership of the State, Business and Civil Society in Ensuring International Information Security".

Актуальные тренды в сфере международной информационной безопасности

The relevant experts stressed the importance of intensifying rule-making activities in order to form an international legal regime in the field of international information security. At the same time, the adoption of a legally binding international agreement at the global level is unlikely at this stage. One of the solutions seems to be the coordination of mandatory norms for states in the field of information security at the regional level.

In turn, the BISR Director Oleg Makarov noted the upward trend in the formation of regional legal regimes to ensure information security and stressed the importance of regional rulemaking in order to harmonize the rules and principles of regulation of international legal relations in the information sphere that meet the priorities of regional states.

Олег Макаров