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The BISI delegation takes part in the 18 th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Forum

On May 22-23, 2023, Dushanbe, under the chairmanship of the Strategic Research Center under the President of Tajikistan, hosted the 18th meeting of the SCO Forum which was attended by a BISR delegation headed by Director Oleg Makarov.

This event in the BISR international calendar is another milestone in the framework of systemic efforts aimed at strengthening the basis of the future membership of the Republic of Belarus in the SCO.

The event was attended by heads and delegations of the SCO National Research Centers of the member states, experts of scientific and analytical institutes of observer states and dialogue partners, as well as representatives of the SCO Secretariat.

During the meeting, a broad and thorough exchange of views and discussion on the following agenda are planned:

SCO in the new global realities: current state, potential of the “SCO family”, prospects for the development;

strategic guidelines of the SCO in the context of a multipolar world formation;

SCO security policy in the context of changing forms, nature, geography and scale of traditional and non-traditional challenges and threats;

information and network challenges: threat measurement, national counteraction practices and mechanisms for the exchange of experience within the SCO;

new trends in the interaction of the SCO states in the new world order: prospects for inclusive economic, innovative and technological development;

migration processes in the SCO area of responsibility: state, main vectors and problems of its regulation;

humanitarian cooperation within the SCO: achievements, place and role of science, education and culture in deepening integration processes;

prospects and achievements of economic unity within the SCO: interbank association, unified financial system, unified transport network and unified freight traffic monitoring system;

formation of new areas of cooperation within the SCO: on the development of green economy, green energy, environmental protection and measures to prevent climate change.

The program provides for a speech by the head of the BISR with a thematic report during the session: “The SCO in the new global realities: current state, potential of the “SCO family”, prospects for the development".

On the sidelines of the event, a number of bilateral meetings of the BISI director with foreign partners from the countries of the “far arc”, as well as the signing of a memorandum of cooperation, are planned.

In addition, participation in the meeting will make it possible to preliminarily work out the issues of official involvement of the BISI in the work of the SCO Forum after the Republic of Belarus receives the status of a full member of this organization.

The meeting will end with the signing of the results of the protocol, as well as the ceremony of passing the baton of chairmanship in the SCO Forum (for the period 2023-2024) to the Uzbek personality - represented by the Institute of Scientific and Interregional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.