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Creating a common market of ideas in the Eurasian region today is a fundamental issue

"Creating a common market of ideas in the Eurasian region today is a fundamental issue", BISR Director Oleg Makarov said at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

In his opinion, it is in our power to maximize the benefits of the high status of the EEU countries' "think tanks".

"Each EEU member state has strategically focused "think tanks". Their peculiarity is that they ensure analytical support at the highest state level.

There is a high degree of confidence between our countries and the leadership, which has been unchanged for many decades. It acts as a type of integration in various spheres, fuel for interaction between "think tanks".

And finally, the parties were able to create supranational structures in the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission), which facilitates coordination in a multilateral format", the BISR Director noted.

As a concrete step, it is proposed to precede the high-level EEU conferences with meetings of "think tanks" representatives. In addition, there is a clear request for inclusion of special analytical sessions in major events on the EEU issues.

"The main line in the "think tanks" activity is to establish close ties, increase the level of confidence and mutual understanding between decision makers and structures, ensure high working effects at the national and supranational levels. Today there are no other structures to be entrusted with such a mission", Oleg Makarov asserted.