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The dynamic development of the Belarusian-African multifaceted cooperation is based on a mutually respectful dialogue an...
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Vitali Romanovski
Towards shared interests The rapidly changing environment of economic activity today raise many questions about the sea...
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Владимир Заломай
Cooperation between Belarus and Russia makes it possible to effectively stand up to the sanctions pressure. The impleme...
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Olga Lazorkina
It is this category of consumers that actually represents the main subject of our economy, which forms the main demand f...
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Екатерина Семененко
This year, the world has endured many trials. The Ukrainian conflict, has affected the entire planet, including indirect...
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In BISR's activity, the focus is on relations and partnerships with foreign think tanks.
At present, we cooperate with communities of experts and researchers from 15+ countries.

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