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Interconnectivity of Belarus and Azerbaijan. Interconnection of transport and logistics corridors

In early 2024, advisor to the Azerbaijan Center of Analysis of International Relations Rosa Bayramli and analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research Anatoly Boyashov conducted a joint study on the prospects for linking international transport corridors with the participation of Azerbaijan and Belarus.

The study resulted in an analytical report on the transport and logistics priorities of the two countries, the potential for linking international transport corridors, as well as areas to intensify bilateral cooperation.

Cooperation between Belarus and Azerbaijan in logistics can be intensified based on strategic objectives: the development of territories and ensuring food security. Bilateral cooperation can be facilitated by concentrating efforts on three areas: the launch of a joint Belarusian-Azerbaijani logistics operator, joint production of containers and rolling stock, as well as a joint engineering project, in particular, to modernize internal transport networks and revitalise territories.

The analysts concluded that the Belarusian-Azerbaijani mechanisms of expert diplomacy in the field of studying risk prevention can be enhanced through activating an interregional forum on a quadrilateral model with the involvement of Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Russian and Turkish regional authorities.

Amid the factor of international uncertainty, the Belarusian-Azerbaijani cooperation can rely on the wise diplomacy of the Heads of states Alexander Lukashenko and Ilham Aliyev. Thanks to historical continuity and reliable ties, Minsk and Baku were able to create a foundation for the gradual transfer of bilateral relations into large interregional projects for the interconnectivity of transport and logistics corridors.

Read the full text of the analytical report on the website of the Azerbaijan Center of Analysis of International Relations: https://aircenter.az/uploads/siDL7vOqty91.pdf.