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National security – the main criterion for authorities effectiveness

The relationships of the great powers with medium and small countries have individual features and depend on many factors. For many decades the United States has been a leader in the global economy with its political weight and opinion being crucial for the international community. The Belarus–U.S. relationships have developed in cycles, the cooperation trajectory was not always incremental, it saw ups and downs. At the same time, Belarus has always been in the sphere of the U.S. regional interests.

At the present stage, Belarus confirms its firm consistent stance in the international system – the development of cooperation with other states on the basis of national interests. The cornerstone of the Belarusian statehood is sovereignty and territorial integrity. The U.S. has consistently advocated for preserving the country's independence while taking into account that the specifics of the Belarusian economy require close cooperation with Russia.

Ensuring national security is the main criterion for authorities effectiveness in any state. The President made it clear that "Belarus remains a stable, reliable partner in the field of regional security". In this regard, despite the complex dialogue with a number of Western countries, maintaining stability and security in the region is the ultimate interest.

Today, the use of sanctions has become a common practice. Belarus has been under sanctions pressure for many years. However, the pandemic has entirely changed the situation. Enhancing the role of the State, restrictions of human rights and freedoms and, as a result, the expressing discontent and demonstrations are seen everywhere. In this regard, the President's thesis that "things have to be figured out" looks natural. "No one benefits from escalation: nor Belarus, nor the European Union, nor the United States. Anyway, it is not our choice".

The concept of a single European house is not just having common values, but also the problems burden sharing. The place that Belarus occupies in it can be determined by the country's contribution to solving common challenges. Response of Belarus has always been prompt and selfless. Whatever it was – the migration crisis, the protracted conflict in the Ukraine, the pandemic – Belarus sought to make its possible contribution to the common cause. The President emphasized in his address that "Belarus knows how to bring positions closer and address common problems". This has been noted more than once by the international community.

The Republic of Belarus has repeatedly emphasized that precedents in international practice are created very quickly, but it is extremely difficult to return to the previous interaction formats. On the example of the Belarusian-Polish relations, we can see how the fairway of cooperation, which had every chance to become the basis of a new regional cooperation, is dewatering and shrinking. Limited choice in modern realities is a conditional category. Eurasia is increasingly taking a leading position in the global economy, offering broad opportunities and an up-to-date vision of the political agenda. Belarus, for its part, has been always ready for dialogue on any issues, based on the principle of respect and equal partnership.