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Chinese modernization and technological innovation

BISR Deputy Director Vitaly Stakhovsky took part in the plenary session "Chinese Modernization and Technological Innovations" as part of the international forum "Looking at Modern China from Abroad" in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

In his report, Vitaly Stakhovsky emphasized the role of the BISR in mobilizing the expert community, including within the Silk Road Analytical Centers Association, for a better understanding of processes being the case in China and global trends in general, strengthening friendship and cooperation through expert diplomacy.

Highlighting the success of the development of Shenzhen, which among foreign audiences is associated with the successful implementation of China's policy of reform and openness, and serves for Belarus as an example of building its own model of an open economy, Vitaly Stakhovsky drew attention to the fact that the new realities correspond to the model of economic cooperation within the framework of regional associations and initiatives. "Regionalization is a trend that is already being implemented and is becoming more attractive. Asia offers the world a model of parallel coexistence and development – from the strangulation imposed by the West or at least "deterrence" to move to the paradigm of unlocking the potential of the region," Vitaly Stakhovsky said.

Speaking about the relations between Minsk and Beijing, the BISR Deputy Director stressed that "mutual trust, assistance and support in the current difficult international conditions allow our countries to maintain stress resistance to global and regional challenges, strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation."

Китайская модернизация и технологические инновации