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BISR at the SCO International Conference of Analytical Centers at ICWA, New Delhi

As part of the second day of the SCO international conference, on 24 March 2023, Oleg Makarov made a speech "Building Peace and Prosperity within SCO Space through Consolidation and Cooperation: a View from Belarus" at the plenary meeting “Reconnect for Stability: Ensuring Secure re-Emergence of Eurasia”.

In his statement, BISR Director gave a brief assessment of SCO's role and place in the context of the global “Pivot to East and South”, outlined the vision of the associated risks and challenges, as well as the contours of the “road map” for the SCO expert and analytical community through the prism of Belarus’ experience.

The International Conference is a unique platform for holding bilateral meetings with existing and potential partners in the analytical “workshop” from the countries of the “far arc”, including in the context of the upcoming Belarus' full membership in SCO and the chairmanship in CSTO.