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Expanding cooperation geography: participation in the event of the Brazilian Center for International Relations

BISR analysts in cooperation with the Embassy of Belarus in Brazil took part in a virtual discussion “Managing multilateral mechanisms with China: the BRICS example.”

The conference was organized by the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) within the framework of the project “For Peaceful Competition”, aimed at assessing the challenges to humanity, in solving which East-West cooperation is required. Experts reviewed the BRICS contribution to expanding cooperation with China.

The moderators and speakers were representatives of the Institute of Social and Political Studies of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, the Institute of International Relations of Brazil, the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, the Policy Institute at King's College London, the Higher School of Economics of the Russian Federation, diplomats of South Africa, India and other countries.Расширяя географию взаимодействия –  участие в мероприятии Бразильского  центра международных отношений