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«Shanghai Spirit» is gaining a second wind: discussing public diplomacy on the eve of the SCO summit

On August 15, BISR analysts took part in the online forum "Role of Public Diplomacy for Strengthening Shanghai Spirit in SCO", organized by the Pakistan Center for SCO Studies of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in cooperation with the Pakistan Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum. The event was also attended by representatives of China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

The expert meeting raised the issues of strengthening the "Shanghai Spirit" in implementing public diplomacy by the SCO member states, discussed key areas of promoting regional peace and stability. The experts stressed the importance of promoting horizontal (people to people) and media interaction in the SCO space, mutual linguistic and cultural enrichment, forming a single SCO analytical environment.

In general opinion, the development of the SCO "peace formula" will allow to join the potentials of the organization's member countries to counter the challenges of our time.

In conclusion, the event participants confirmed their general intention to continue expert meetings and events, including taking into account the upcoming SCO summit to be held in mid-September 2022 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

Шанхайский дух обретает второе дыхание: обсуждение публичной дипломатии в преддверии саммита ШОС