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Meeting with Andrey Serenko: Belarus and Russia in the face of modern challenges

On July 21, 2022, Director of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research Oleg Makarov met with Andrey Serenko, Director of the Analytical Center of the Russian Society of Political Scientists, during which they exchanged views on current trends in international relations, ways to strengthen security in the Eurasian region.

The sides discussed the threats currently facing Afghanistan. According to Andrey Serenko, in the conditions of the ongoing systemic crisis there, the central government is unable to control the situation in the country. External players are trying to interact with different ethnic and social groups of Afghans, which fuels the fragmentation of the state, contributes to the growth of tension in the Central Asian countries neighboring Afghanistan.

The discussion participants agreed that the continued efforts to establish an inter-Afghan dialogue, as well as the formation of mutually beneficial trade and transport routes and economic ties have an important potential for ensuring regional security.

In turn, BISR Director Oleg Makarov noted the traditional interest of Belarus in developing trade and economic relations with all partners of the Asian continent. He focused on the priority for the states of the Eurasian space to increase transport and logistics connectivity in the Greater Eurasia region (using an example of the North-South transport corridor).

Встреча с Андреем Серенко: Беларусь и Россия перед лицом современных вызовов