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BelGUT – BISR Expert Meeting: Towards Joint Projects

Reformatting of the transport infrastructure of Eurasia and creating "new logistics" on the example of the "North–South" international transport corridor were discussed at a meeting of BISR analysts with the teaching staff of the Belarusian State University of Transport (BelGUT) - the leading transport university of Belarus.

International supply chains, being a key element of the global economic system, are affected by crisis processes caused by the global recession and sanctions pressure. The issues of laying new transit routes and modification of old ones are becoming relevant.

Special emphasis during discussion was placed on the prospects of involving Belarus in these processes, developing a common position with their key participants given our interest in the implementation of the "pivot to Asia" initiative and diversification of economic flows.

Following the discussion, an agreement was reached to continue expert interaction between BISR and BelGUT as part of joint research.