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Megatrends of world politics: globalization, polarization, extremism

On October 26-28, 2022, BISR analyst Olga Bogomaz took part in the International Research Conference "Megatrends of World Politics: Globalization, Polarization, Extremism", organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation jointly with the CIS Anti-Terrorism Centre. The conference addressed a number of issues related to international cooperation in the field of information security, as well as modern tools of information warfare.

In her report, the analyst noted the importance of consolidating approaches in ensuring the information security of the Union State and the CSTO space, provided that the national information sovereignty of the participating states is preserved. Significant steps to form a unified information infrastructure of the Union State, develop joint efforts, ensure cybercrime, and adopt standards of responsible behavior in the information sphere were taken in the process of developing the Concept of Information Security of the Union State.

"The development of joint educational technologies in the field of information and digital literacy, training in the field of cybersecurity, expanding formats of information interaction of the expert community are seen as promising areas for further cooperation of the CIS member states in the field of information security," Olga Bogomaz noted.