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Indonesia – the focus of BISR expert diplomacy

On November 20, BISR analysts with the support of the Belarusian Embassy in Indonesia for the first time took part (online) in the Global Town Hall Annual International Conference, which is traditionally organized by the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI).

The topic of the representative and prestigious international forum was the competition and conflicts management and cooperation in the pandemic world.

In the format of a virtual 15-hour global marathon discussion, prominent politicians, experts, scientists and researchers from South, East and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, North and Latin America discussed relevant issues of countering the COVID-19 crisis, as well as offered their vision of the future in the context of geopolitical, socio-economic, environmental, diplomatic, and other factors.

An agreement was reached with the FPCI founder and head, Dino Patti Djalal, to establish direct contacts in areas of mutual concern to further develop and boost Belarus-Indonesia relations through expert diplomacy channels.