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Not to repeat the mistakes of the neighbors

Following the decision of the statutory objectives for the development of international contacts, on September 3, the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research continued a series of online conferences with foreign partners.

At this time, the Ukrainian experts were invited as the interlocutors in the dialogue concerned, with whim the current state and the prospects of the Belarusian-Ukrainian relations in the post-election period were discussed, as well as the key challenges for the Kiev and Minsk in the face of the deteriorating international situation and political instability in Belarus.

The roundtable was attended by the Director and analysts of BISR and the Ukrainian experts: Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute of analysis and management of the policy; Ruslan Bizyaev and Sergey Shabovta, analysts of the same institute; Daniel Bogatyrev, a political analyst; Andrey Buzarov and Kirill Barashkov, experts of the analytical group KievStratPro; Anton Naychuk, director of the Civil Diplomacy Fund; Valentin Yakushik, professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

In the course of the interested and constructive discussions the issues of the consequences of the internal political events in Belarus for regional and international security were discussed. The issues of cooperation between Belarus and Ukraine in the new conditions, including contours and "recipes" for the normalization of bilateral relations, including through the prism of the factors of Russia, EU, USA and China, were discussed separately.

A deep and qualitative examination of the Ukrainian experts on experience of opposing the "color revolutions" in different corners of the globe over the past decade and its application in Belarus in 2020, lessons of the "color revolutions" for Ukraine and Belarus, the various aspects of involvement of radical and criminal elements as a tactic of "color revolutions" was rather interesting and useful.

More information about the content of the discussion (except the aspects that were discussed in Chatham House format) will be placed additionally on BELTA and BISR web-sites in the category "Expert community".